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The Paradise Pillow has been designed and especially shaped to relieve pressure on the under arm and breast region following surgery.


Paradise Pillow is moon shaped to fit snugly under the arm and has ribbon ties to make the size adjustable and to keep it in place.


Each Paradise Pillow is made from a satin material to eliminate friction, pillows can be produced in a variety of colours.


Paradise Pillows are filled with the softest of stuffing to reduce pressure on the wound.


Your Paradise Pillow can be used in a variety of situations -


  • Tuck under your arm for support when sleeping or when sitting in your chair

  • Use the pillow to protect you from car seat belt pressure

  • Wear under your jacket or top when out shopping or out doing any other activity



Care of your Paradise Pillow -

The Paradise Pillow simply requires hand washing and then hanging out to dry.

Paradise Pillows are a patented product. Patent number 4008441